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This package is designed to support health and social care professionals who are involved in assessment and learning in practice.

This tool is for mentors of students who come from Universities commissioned by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber - students may be in placements outside of this area, but the update still applies.

Areas Covered

You may be known as a mentor/educator/facilitator or another title used by your profession to describe those who carry out this role - however, please note that the term mentor will be used to describe the role throughout this tool.

It is important that all mentors have the opportunity ‘to discuss issues related to mentoring, assessment of competence and fitness for safe and effective practice’ There are several ways to achieve this, for example, you may decide to complete the update as a group activity, talk to other mentors on-line using the chat facility while you are completing the update, or take issues arising from completing the update back to your workplace, to discuss with your mentor colleagues.

There should also, of course, be ongoing dialogue, as necessary, with your mentor, practice and HEI colleagues regarding the learners you are mentoring.

(NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice, 2008: page 30:3.22).

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